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10 Ways Boardpath Can Help Make Your Plans a Reality

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The action planning we did with Boardpath was outstanding.  It gave us the clarity we needed for budgeting and staffing.  Because of their direct knowledge and experience with our planned initaitives, we will be working with Boardpath through full execution of the plan.

Higher Education Board Chair

Chicago, IL

Transform your plans into reality with action planning and execution workshops and consulting services

Our execution planning programs facilitate clear action planning and help create clarity and consensus on the path forward.  Whether you are creating new initiatives from strategic planning, re-imagining existing programs, products, and services, or planning transition related activities, our execution programs can help you bring ideas to market.

Action Planning

Create clarity and consensus in establishing the path forward on organizational initiatives.

Capabilities & Capacity Assessment

Ensure that your organization has the capability and capacity to execute on the planned initiatives.

Fractional Support

Partner with our consultants to provide you with experienced support to lead initiatives to completion.

Digital Implementation

Establish clear goals, objectives, and plans for the implementation of new digital initiatives.

Establishing Credential Programs

Create certification and accreditation programs for your industry or profession.

Executing Transitions

Execute a smooth transition in leadership, programs, and strategic priorities.

Why nonprofit boards and orgs love us

We are the antithesis of strategic and governance planning theatre. We are motivated and energized by developing and designing strategies, programs, frameworks, and models that work.

Nonprofit Expertise

We have deep experience and understanding of associations, foundations, charities, and educational institutions.

Actionable Solutions

We help design strategies and plans that achieve short-term and long-term results.

Creating Clarity

We help cut through ambiguity and difficulty to create clear paths to achievable outcomes.

Embracing Culture

We embrace unique organizational cultures in every step of the planning process.

Highly Experienced

Over 20 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations.

Outcome Oriented

We are entrepreneurial strategists. We help uncover hidden opportunities and prepare organizations to seize them.

Getting Started is Simple


Book a Call

Discuss your challenges and opportunities with a nonprofit expert.


Finalize Plan

Collaboratively develop a plan of action to achieve your desired outcomes.


Achieve Results

Create a clear pathway forward to achieve your objectives and mission.

Execution Planning Outcomes and Deliverables

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