An On-Site or Virtual
Strategy Workshop for Nonprofit Boards

Structured Conversation

Experienced Feedback

Great Outcomes

Your Board and Org Should Not Be Unsure and Confused

If you are a nonprofit, we have the skills and experience to elevate your organization

Every nonprofit is unique. Unique mission, goals, objectives, culture, and governance. We work with you to develop a custom plan for your workshop to obtain optimal desired outcomes.

How to Book a Strategy Workshop


Your board and org needs clarity and we can help. Click below to discuss your challenges and opportunities.


Workshops take place over a day or a day and a half. We find a date that works for everyone and block off the calendars.


We collaborate on a final plan of action for the workshop to achieve your desired outcomes.


The workshops are incredibly fun and rewarding. Upon completion, you will have solved difficult problems and helped your org.

Why boards and orgs love us

We are the antithesis of strategic and governance planning theatre. We are motivated and energized by developing and designing strategies, programs, frameworks, and models that work.

Industry Expertise

We have deep experience and understanding of the industries we serve.

Actionable Solutions

We help design strategies and plans that achieve short-term and long-term results.

Creating Clarity

We help cut through ambiguity and difficulty to create clear paths to achievable outcomes.

Embracing Culture

We embrace unique organizational cultures in every step of the planning process.

Highly Experienced

Over 20 years of experience working with businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Outcome Oriented

We are entrepreneurial strategists. We help uncover hidden opportunities and prepare organizations to seize them.

Workshop Outcomes and Deliverables

How will your board benefit from a workshop?

Nonprofit boards have the responsibility to affirm the organization’s mission, to craft a compelling vision, to set the strategic direction of the organization and to oversee and monitor performance.  

There are numerous variables that impact strategic planning for a nonprofit.  Changing market conditions, evolving internal organizational dynamics, available resources, differing viewpoints, and much more.

We can help…a lot! 

Our expert strategist will spend time with your leaders in advance of the workshop to fully understand your challenges and opportunities and to develop a custom plan.  During the workshop, our strategist will employ proven frameworks for facilitating discussion, sparking creativity, and achieving consensus.  

You will not only craft a plan to move forward with, you will learn valuable skills to continue planning strategically.  We know you’ll love the workshop and your organization will greatly benefit from its outcomes.

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